Hey there!

I'm Dr Katie Stirling.

I'm passionate about helping people create a life and relationship they LOVE.  

Hey there!

I'm Dr Katie Stirling.

I will help you create a life and relationship you LOVE.  

Hey there!

I'm Dr Katie Stirling.

I will help you create a life and relationship you LOVE.  

I'm a Clinical Psychologist, Sexologist, and Gottman Certified Couples Therapist, and like you a perfectly imperfect human doing my best to navigate life and relationships in a way that aligns with my values. 

I believe everyone has the capacity to change, to live their best life, to be their best self, to have meaningful, fulfilling relationships.

With a commitment to change and a willingness to do the work, anything is possible. But we all need a little help, a roadmap for change. I’m passionate about connecting people with the knowledge, resources, and tools to live the life they want.

Doctor of Psychology (Clinical) 

Clinical Psychologist, board approved supervisor, registered with AHPRA. Doctor of Psychology research topics included attachment and mental health prevention. 

Certified Gottman Couples Therapist

Certified Gottman Couples Therapist with the Gottman Institute and trained in a number of couples therapy approaches including Schema Therapy and Emotion Focussed Therapy.

Masters of Sexology

As a sexologist Katie understands the importance of sex positivity and sexual health and the important role this plays, not only in our relationships but our individual wellbeing. 

A Realistic Optimist.

Love the life you live.

It was about 20 years ago, at a camp in Canada, that I first found my passion for this work. 

Most of the people that worked at camp had been coming there since they were kids. Camp was their safe place, a space where they could be their authentic selves, a place filled with joy, fun and laughter. Camp taught me what it means to love what you do everyday, to bounce out of bed excited for the day ahead.

I’m incredibly grateful that this experience created the foundation for my career. It was here I learnt the importance of establishing a safe space, the power of pleasure and connection, and the incredible growth that can happen when you create the right context for change.

"I'm passionate about helping people remove roadblocks to authenticity and connection."

Innovative, holistic, integrative learning & therapeutic approaches. 

BBus (Man) GradDipPsychSt BSc(Hons) DPsych(Clin) M Sexology
Katie is committed to her ongoing professional development and staying up to date with the latest research and treatment approaches. She draws on a variety of evidence-based methods in curating innovative approaches to facilitate effective change.

Prior to establishing her boutique psychology practice on the Mornington Peninsula, Katie spent her early career in the not-for-profit sector developing, implementing and managing community wellbeing programs and family services. After years of providing couples therapy in her treatment rooms, Katie recognised that her client’s wanted a more immersive experience that provided rapid results. 6 years ago she began working exclusively with couples, carefully curating an innovative approach, drawing on the most effective evidence- based theories and science.

Katie now works exclusively with couples in retreat format. Katie partners with luxurious venues worldwide to offer unique, immersive retreats that seamlessly blend expertise and experience, facilitate joyful connection and optimal learning. 

Katie believes that relationships are an integral part of an individual's happiness and overall well-being. She is passionate about helping people build the life and relationship they want. Katie has created a range of online relationship and wellness solutions. She believes in equitable access and in June is launching a FREE relationship program on her new youtube channel. 

Follow her on instagram and subscribe to her youtube channel for practical tools and regular relationship insights.
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