Get ready for the relationship you've always wanted.

Learn the skills to seek and create the relationship you LOVE.

When you choose Dr Katie Stirling as your partner in learning, you're choosing an exceptional professional who combines expertise, experience, and knowledge, with a down-to-earth, joyful, and compassionate approach. 

What is Relationship Ready? 

Relationship Ready is a 3-day online Retreat uniquely, curated for individuals who are committed to taking action to build the skills needed for an extraordinary relationship.

Although you will attend live online workshops throughout the weekend this experience has been carefully curated to integrate a range of experiential activities to get you out into the world and putting the skills you learn into immediate action. Prior to the retreat you will receive a preparation pack to organise everything you need for the complete experience! This is not your ordinary online workshop experience!

With carefully curated opportunities for optimal learning, you will be guided by experienced clinical psychologist, sexologist and couples therapist Dr Katie Stirling.

Seamlessly blending expertise and experience to facilitate growth. Ensuring you leave the retreat feeling rejuvenated, and equipped with the knowledge and skills to start creating the life you LOVE.
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Who presents Relationship Ready? 

Relationship Ready is a live online workshop style learning experience curated and led by Dr Katie Stirling.

Katie is a renowned Clinical Psychologist and highly sought after Certified Gottman Couples Therapist. Katie has worked with hundreds of individuals and couples just like you in her therapy rooms and in a series of exclusive retreats. A professional speaker, writer, and trainer with 2 decades of experience, Katie’s mission is to help you reach your ultimate potential and create the life and relationship you want. 
Relationship Ready begins on Friday evening with a live online workshop where you will meet your retreat host Dr Katie and have the opportunity to connect with other like-minded individuals. 

Day 1 is all about creating the context for change. We will dive straight in with our first masterclass where you will learn tools and strategies to set you up for immediate and long term success. 
Day 2: Saturday

Today 2 is a full day experience!

Through a series of Masterclasses, interactive exercises and enjoyable
activities (we will be getting you out into the world so get prepped to leave the couch) you will learn more about yourself, your own ways of interacting in relationships, as well as a range of pratical relationship skills
Day 3: Sunday

Today will commence with a series of Masterclasses.

This afternoon you will work on your unique roadmap, preparing you for long-term success. 

The retreat will end with a final evening masterclass providing an opportunity to reflect on everything you've learnt thus far and one final tool for keeping life on track. 

You’ll end the retreat feeling recharged, and refocussed, ready to
achieve your life goals and live the life you love. 

Who said learning couldn't be fun?

If you’ve found your way here, it’s because, like me you understand the incredible power and value of nurturing your relationship. I am super passionate about empowering individuals to create the most fulfilling relationship possible! So much so I’ve just finished my 5th degree and have travelled the globe to learn from esteemed experts like Drs John and Julie Gottman. 

As a clinical psychologist and couples therapist I have an acute understanding of the interplay between an individual’s wellbeing and their relationship satisfaction. Most people wait until their already facing relationship challenges to learn the skills for an extraordinary relationship. But what if you got ahead of the curve ball. What if you did the work early. If you removed the roadblocks to being your authentic self and allowing others to see the best version of you. What if you learnt the tools and skills for effective communication and joyful connection before you even started your relationship. Can you imagine the type of relationship you could have- I CAN! Which is exactly why I have created  Relationship Ready. 

I firmly believe that to facilitate effective change, we must cultivate the ideal context for transformation. Several years ago, I made a bold decision to deviate from the traditional path. After years of providing conventional therapy from my practice, I realised there was a way to expedite and enjoy the process. Thus, I embarked on a journey to work exclusively in immersive models that accelerate change.

Relationship Ready offers joyful learning experiences blended with experiential opportunities, meticulously crafted to foster transformative change. Your journey toward an extraordinary life begins here, and I'm thrilled to be a part of it.
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How does Relationship Ready work?

With Relationship Ready you get:
  • 3 days of Live Online Workshops with Dr Katie Stirling that teach you everything you need to create the relationship you LOVE.

  • Seamlessly Blended Expertise & Experience a carefully curated process that supports rapid change, memorable experiences and a foundation for future growth. 

  • Evidence-based and science driven techniques that provide clear frameworks for change.

  • A Retreat Pack filled with everything you need to get the most out of your retreat experience.

  • Practical, powerful interactive exercises to enhance insight and develop your relationship skills.

  • Access Dr Katie Stirling’s most essential tools and tips for rapid growth. 

  •     PLUS:

  • Pre-retreat Preparation Pack Ito ensure an integrative experience you will receive a pack including a shopping list and planner so you can organise everything you'll need to get the most out of the 3 day event. 

  • Access to a range of resources prior to the live event  carefully curated to ensure maximum impact. 

Friday 11 - Sunday 13
October 2024

Frequently asked questions

How do I book?

Complete the register interest form and we will send you an information pack on our Relationship Ready experience and send you all the details when sales open. 

How much does Relationship Ready Cost?

The complete Relationship Ready package is available for $790 USD per person.

Alternatively, you can select 4 weekly payments of $197.50.

Can my partner do this program with me?

This experience is specifically designed for individuals. If you are in in a relationship check out Relationship Boost. 

What happens if you book out before I book?

Please book in early to avoid disappointment. Register your interest and you will be notified when sales open and be the first to hear about any of our special offers. 

These times don't work for my time zone.

Please email us directly. We may be able to find a suitable solution. 

Will I meet other people?

Yes! This retreat is for singles just like you looking for a relationship they LOVE. This retreat has been designed so that you will have opportunities to connect with other individuals throughout the experience. 
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