Relationship Reset Bootcamp

The ultimate reset to get your relationship back on track.


Relationship Reset Bootcamp

The ultimate reset to get your relationship back on track.


Relationship Reset Bootcamp

The ultimate reset to get your relationship back on track.

What is Relationship Reset? 

Relationship Reset is a 6-week online bootcamp designed to improve all areas of your relationship from communication, through to connection and intimacy. Relationship Reset, is your roadmap to the relationship you've always wanted, or perhaps back to the amazing one you already had (before life got in the way).  

Relationship Reset is all about taking action. Each week you’ll receive a video with key relationship tools that you will focus on implementing that week. The videos are brief and to the point- designed for busy couples!

Whether you're facing challenges in your relationship or simply want to strengthen your foundation, Relationship Reset empowers you to create a stronger bond with your partner and rediscover the joy of being together!
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How does Relationship Bootcamp work?

Relationship Bootcamp is delivered by Clinical Psychologist & Couples Therapist, Dr Katie Stirling, to give you the tools and skills you need to create the relationship you LOVE. 

            With Relationship Bootcamp you get:
  • Practical, powerful exercises to rapidly transform the way you interact with your partner.

  • Step-by-step video training that teaches you everything you need to communicate effectively.

  • Evidence-based and science driven techniques that provide clear frameworks for change.

  • A downloadable PDF filled with key information and techniques that you can return to in years to come. 

  • Access Dr Katie Stirling’s most essential tools and tips without stepping inside the therapy room. 

  •     PLUS:

  • Bonus relationship blueprint to ensure you keep your relationship on track.

  • Exclusive access to monthly FAQs answered by Katie.

  • 6 months access.

Relationship Bootcamp Will Teach You How To…

De-escalate Conflict & Bring Calm to your Communication

No more reactive communication, where you’re left feeling frustrated and misunderstood. Understanding the physiology of conflict, and learning practical tools to shift unhelpful patterns of communication is a relationship game-changer

Increase Understanding & Empathy in your Relationship

Ultimately, you love your partner and want to be the best partner you can be. But right now past hurt and resentment may be affecting the way you express yourself. This course shows you how to communicate in a way your partner can really hear what you're saying and connect with your experience.  

Deepen Connection through Understanding

Your ideal partner is still in there. Armed with a roadmap, and an arsenal of new tools and skills, your partner will be able to express their true feelings and better hold space to understand and empathise with your experience. 

Who teaches Relationship Bootcamp? 

Relationship Reset is curated and led by Dr Katie Stirling.
Katie is a renowned Clinical Psychologist and highly sought after Couples Therapist. Katie has worked with hundreds of couples just like you in her therapy rooms. A professional speaker, writer, and trainer with 2 decades of experience, Katie’s mission is to help you reach your ultimate potential and create the life and relationship you want. 

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Is Relationship Bootcamp Right for Us?

If you are in a safe relationship, then the answer is a resounding YES. 

Relationship Reset gives you the broad range of tools every couple needs, but weren’t taught at school. Healthy relationships are fundamental not only to our individual wellbeing, but our happiness and success. The topics covered in this course create the foundation for calm, caring, and empathetic communication and meaningful, fulfilling connection.
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You'll leave bootcamp with a brand-new relationship toolkit, whether you’re looking to enhance your relationship foundation, or seeking the roadmap to get your relationship back on track.
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When does Relationship Reset Start?

Relationship Bootcamp launches on February 14th, 2024! We know when you have made the decision to change things, you want to start straight away. As soon as you sign up below you will, receive an email with everything you need to get started on February 14th, 2024!  

Once you complete the course, you can revisit and review the material as much as you want, for the next 6 months. The bonus resources and tools are yours for life.

After years of running a busy psychology practice, I understand that many barriers get in the way of couples accessing the support they need. 

This is what I have learnt:
  • Many couples can’t wait months to see an experienced couples therapist.
  • Many couples schedules and commitments make it difficult to access the support that is available.
  • Many couples can’t afford to access the support they need.
  • In many relationships, one partner does not want to go therapy (but is open to watching a video online!).
  • Most couples want to take immediate action!
My early career in the not-for-profit sector was focussed on removing barriers just like these. And this is what Relationship Reset is all about! Making it simple and easy for you to access the roadmap you need to change your relationship.
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Access the support you need.

Available Anywhere Anytime

It’s instant – Immediate access for change.
It’s convenient 
– Access it from home at a time that works for you.
It's accessible - it won't break the bank. 
It’s simple – step by step guide for change.
It’s rapid – the weekly videos take less than 1 hr to complete.
It’s powerful – I’ve chosen the most impactful tools for your relationship
It’s an easy choice – it’s evidence- based tools from a trusted source, without needing to share your personal information. 
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Start Learning Now Risk Free

Order Relationship Bootcamp now and start creating the relationship you want.
Risk Free - 100% Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that your relationship will benefit from this bootcamp that if you’re not 100% satisfied, simply ask for a full refund within 7 days. 

Purchase now for Valentine’s Day. Week 1 starts from February 14.

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Practical Tools

Loaded with practical tips and interactive exercises.

6 Months Access

Access the course for 6 months so you can watch it again and again.

Access Anywhere 

Complete the course at a time and place convenient for you

Use Any Device 

Access the course from your Phone, Tablet, Laptop or Computer.

Frequently asked questions

When will I get access to the course once I place my order?

Relationship reset is a brand new program launching on February 14th, 2024. You will receive everything you need via email on February, 14th. 

How long will I get access to the course for?

You will get access to the course for 6 months.

Can I complete the course when I want to?

Absolutely. Relationship Reset is perfectly timed so you and your partner can enter 2024 with greater connection, more united and ready to enjoy the year ahead. You will receive a weekly email with everything you need but you can do the program however you like. For example if you want to save the emails and do it fortnightly, or start in the new year- it's totally up to you. 

Do I have to use a desktop Computer to watch the training?

You can use any of your devices such as a Laptop, computer, iPad, Tablet or even smartphone

$1800 Value for only $179

I know that seems ridiculous right! Why have I made this program so affordable?

I strongly believe that everyone should have the opportunities to live their best life. Everyone has the right to a happy, healthy relationship. I'm passionate about creating access to the resources, support & knowledge needed to achieve this. So this program is for every couple.

If you want to change your relationship – get access to the support you need now!
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