Relax. Revitalise. Reconnect. 

Give your relationship the attention it deserves. 

When you choose Dr Katie Stirling as your partner in transforming your relationship, you're choosing an exceptional professional who combines expertise, experience, and knowledge, with a down-to-earth, joyful, and compassionate approach. 

What is an Immersion Retreat? 

Bali Couples Retreats are a 4-day, 3 night immersion retreat offering uniquely, curated experiences for couples who are committed to creating the best relationship possible.

Set amidst the captivating beauty of Bali's natural surroundings, immersion couple retreats provide the ideal environment for change. With carefully curated opportunities for restful rejuvenation and joyful connection, you will be guided by experienced clinical psychologist and couples therapist Dr Katie Stirling.

Seamlessly blending expertise and experience to facilitate rapid transformation. Ensuring you return home feeling relaxed, connected and ready to face anything this intense world may throw at you- united and together.
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Who presents Bali Couples Retreats? 

Bali Couples Retreats are curated and led by Dr Katie Stirling.

Katie is a renowned Clinical Psychologist and highly sought after Certified Gottman Couples Therapist. Katie has worked with hundreds of couples just like you in her therapy rooms and in a series of exclusive retreats. A professional speaker, writer, and trainer with 2 decades of experience, Katie’s mission is to help you reach your ultimate potential and create the life and relationship you want. 

You might have seen her on..

Picture yourself arriving in an idyllic setting in beautiful Bali, where you will spend
the next 4 days in your own luxurious private pool villa. Shortly after arriving you’ll
enjoy a process of individual rejuvenation, beginning with a restorative massage
to ease you into a state of relaxation, as you leave behind the worries of everyday
Over a traditional Balinese celebratory meal you will meet Katie and the other
couples embarking on this journey. Now, that you’re feeling relaxed and re-
energised you can truly invest in the process of transformation.

Over the next 4
days through a series of Masterclasses, interactive exercises and enjoyable
activities you will learn how to shift communication, create a strong couple
culture, build connection, and fuel intimacy in your relationship.
You’ll return home feeling recharged, reconnected and refocussed, ready to
achieve your life goals and live the life you love. Because when your relationship
is on track and your partner is your greatest cheerleader, anything is possible.


Who said working on your relationship couldn't be fun?

If you’ve found your way here, it’s because, like me you understand the incredible power and value of nurturing your relationship. I am super passionate about empowering couples to create the most fulfilling relationship possible! So much so I’ve just finished my 5th degree and have travelled the globe to learn from esteemed experts like Drs John and Julie Gottman. 

As a clinical psychologist and couples therapist I have an acute understanding of the interplay between an individual’s wellbeing and their relationship satisfaction. Our relationships have a profound impact on every facet of our lives, shaping our career success, personal well-being, and, above all, our happiness.

I firmly believe that to facilitate effective change, we must cultivate the ideal context for transformation. Several years ago, I made a bold decision to deviate from the traditional path. After years of providing conventional couples therapy from my practice, I realised there was a way to expedite the process. Thus, I embarked on a journey to work exclusively with couples using immersive models that accelerate relationship change.

Life is intense. I am a huge believer in the importance of taking breaks and gaining new perspectives by stepping back from the daily grind. That's where a Bali Couples Retreats comes in. We not only provide delightful holiday experiences, but also joyful learning opportunities meticulously crafted to foster lasting, transformative change. Your journey toward building an extraordinary relationship begins here, and I'm thrilled to be a part of it.
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How do Bali Couples Retreat work?

            With our Immersion Retreats you get:
  • Daily Masterclasses that teach you everything you need to create the relationship you LOVE.

  • Practical, powerful interactive exercises to rapidly transform the way you interact with your partner.

  • Evidence-based and science driven techniques that provide clear frameworks for change.

  • A Retreat Pack filled with everything you need to get the most out of your retreat experience.

  • Access Dr Katie Stirling’s most essential tools and tips for rapid growth. 

  •     PLUS:

  • Bonus relationship blueprint to ensure you keep your relationship on track.

  • Exclusive access to monthly FAQs answered by Katie.

  • 6 months access to Katie's online relationship bootcamp porgram.

Immersion Retreats Will Teach You How To…

De-escalate Conflict & Bring Calm to your Communication

No more reactive communication, where you’re left feeling frustrated and misunderstood. Understanding the physiology of conflict, and learning practical tools to shift unhelpful patterns of communication is a relationship game-changer

Increase Understanding & Empathy in your Relationship

Ultimately, you love your partner and want to be the best partner you can be. But right now past hurt and resentment may be affecting the way you express yourself. This course shows you how to communicate in a way your partner can really hear what you're saying and connect with your experience.  

Deepen Connection through Understanding

Your ideal partner is still in there. Armed with a roadmap, and an arsenal of new tools and skills, your partner will be able to express their true feelings and better hold space to understand and empathise with your experience. 

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Begins March 1st, 2024

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Relax, rejuvenate and reconnect to level up your relationship.

Bali Couples Retreats include:

  • 4 days, 3 nights. 
  • 6 Masterclass sessions with Dr Katie Stirling, filled with all the evidence-
    based knowledge and strategies you need to transform your relationship
  • 4 individual couple interactives crafted to improve connection and
  • A range of rejuvenating activities curated by Dr Katie Stirling
  • Personalized Retreat Booklet
  • Accommodation in your own private pool villa
  • Airport Transfers
  • Daily breakfast (including one floating breakfast) 
  • A series of lunches and dinners including a 5 course romantic dinner. 

Frequently asked questions

How do I book?

Email us at or complete the enquiry form on the website and we will send you an information pack and registration form. 

How many other couples will be on the retreat

There are a maximum of 10 couples on a retreat. 

Do I need to book my accomodation?

No. Once you make your booking with us we will liase directly with villa.

What happens if you book out before I book?

We offer a limited number of retreats. Please book in early to avoid disapointment.
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