Get the 6 week  Wellness Reset Bootcamp!

To celebrate the launch of our Wellness Reset Bootcamp, we are offering a 10% launch discount until February 14th. We hope you enjoy your wellness reset! 

Wellness Bootcamp Will Teach You How To…

Be Mindfully Present

Imagine being able to bring calm to the chaos. Be more present in your everyday life and learn how to use meditation to appreciate your life and increase happiness. When we are mindfully present we enjoy the little moments, are more productive, experience increased creativity and are more relaxed. 

Better Manage Stress &
Shift the way you experience the worl.

Life is intense. When you understand the relationship between your feelings and physiological responses, you can better manage stress and start to experience increased joy in your life. By shifting the way you think about events, you can create a more positive life experience. 

Learn how to Regulate your Emotions & Improve your Connection with Others

Learn how to process your emotions, reducing the intensity of your experience so you can make effective decisions. Better understand yourself and increase your connection to the important people in your life. 
Meet the instructor

Dr Katie

Hey, I'm Dr. Katie Stirling, a certified Gottman therapist and clinical psychologist. Welcome to my world of online programs! In this prerecorded course, you'll find a treasure trove of insights and tools designed to enhance your relationship. It's like having your personal guide, available whenever you need it. No judgment, just practical advice to strengthen the foundation of your connection. Join me online, and let's make your relationship journey insightful and enjoyable, at your own pace
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